Eight Secrets to Employee Happiness – Without the Raise

There are many things managers and companies do to ensure employee happiness. Offering raises, bonuses, paid vacation, and external perks are some ways this happens, but these factors won’t necessarily retain a company’s best employees. What is more gratifying is being shown respect, appreciation and that an employee’s work is valued in the big picture […]

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Are You Hiring For Experience Or Personality?

Hiring new employees can be a challenge for HR departments and hiring committees. Especially in Southern California, where a variety of industries and an even larger variety of people call home, finding a job that fits with a job seeker’s abilities and personality can be a difficult task. Depending on the industry, the numerous components […]

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The Science of Working a Meeting

For postdoc, graduate students and job seekers in the science and technological fields, conferences and conventions can be a prime place to network. Counties across Southern California boast companies in the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech, science and laboratory, technical, engineering and financial sectors which allows this region to provide conferences and conventions throughout the year. Some […]

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Be Prepared: Simple Tips On Researching Your Next Employer

Orange County is home to Fortune 500 companies, headquarters to entertainment, retail chains, technological and medical companies, and countless small businesses. With all these companies comes access to numerous kinds of recruiting opportunities for job seekers. Before landing these jobs however, comes the interview. While interviews are usually met with a mixture of excited anticipation […]

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