Product Development Engineer

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International Nutraceutical client in the Riverside County area is looking to identify and hire a Product Development Engineer.  The Product Development Engineer will have a wide range of duties, however the primary responsibilities fall into two key areas:  1) Interacting with R&D, Manufacturing Engineering and Production to ensure manufacturability of existing and new nutraceutical products and 2) Selecting the right excipients for each product. Establishing the manufacturing parameters, including machining for production. Additionally, the Product Development Engineer will perform research and analysis, testing, documentation, validation, and problem-solving to ensure delivery of quality products.


The Product Development Engineer will be responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Receiving an active ingredient formulation from the R&D team and taking the formulation to understand its characteristics, then select the appropriate excipients in order to change the characteristics and build a manufacturable product.
  • Interfacing with a manufacturing engineer on testing, such as density, particle size and particle flow, with excipient manufacturers, coating vendors and other experts, and with internal team members from R&D to Production.
  • Supporting new product development and existing products; working with 2-3 projects at a time.
  • Supporting production as issues arise, including conducting investigations to determine what changes are needed.
  • Overseeing the operation of the tablet, capsule, mixing, coating and other machines for proper operation/parameters for each product.
  • Developing, modifying and/or adjusting new product and/or current product production method, machine condition, and package material.
  • Analyzing research data and production specifications to determine the feasibility of each product proposal. Analyzing test data to determine if the design meets functional and performance specifications.
  • Procuring materials needed to construct prototypes and formula changes; working closely with design engineering/R&D on new formulas.
  • Interacting with Production Engineers and manufacturing personnel to optimize product design for ease of manufacturing.
  • Developing product cost estimates, project costs and time estimates.
  • Providing timely support to manufacturing to diagnose problems and implement solutions to resolve complaints and production problems.
  • Releasing Engineering Change Order, test data, BOM, drawings and process sheets for new products, features, components, sub-assemblies and assemblies.
  • Working regularly with manufacturing and operations personnel to develop and document standard work methods to support the efficient utilization of space, equipment, people and materials, and optimizing product flow.
  • Addressing Quality Alerts pertinent to responsibilities, including root cause, solution and review sign-off.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Chemical or Process Engineering or a similar field of study; a Master’s degree is a plus.
  • 3-6 years of experience in Nutraceutical or Pharmaceutical manufacturing in a GMP or ISO environment. We will also consider outstanding internship experience.
  • Requires a strong understanding of powders, excipients, testing and production machinery.
  • Strong understanding of machinery and processes key to the production of tablets and capsules.
  • Excellent computer skills including MS Office applications (Word, Access, Outlook) and intermediate to advanced Excel skills; the ability to interpret data to inform decision making.
  • Familiarity with encapsulation, tableting, coating, testing (density, water content, etc.) and other equipment.
  • Experience with engineering and validation studies.
  • Familiarity with set-up and production of supplement manufacturing. Preferred, but not required: Past experience working on cross-functional product development teams, such as providing technical support to manufacturing.
  • Experience developing new, generic, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical products from formulation to launch.
  • Experience validating manufacturing processes for supplements to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Skill and knowledge formulating difficult, high herbal content products.
  • The drive, desire and runway to learn and advance skills and career.
  • Solid interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as an effective team member.
  • A collaborative, team-oriented approach.
  • Organizational and planning skills with the ability to manage multiple activities effectively; strong time management skills.
  • Creativity and vision in finding solutions and the correct excipients.