Product Manager – Dairy Products (Dairy Scientist)

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A non-profit client is looking to identify and hire a Product Manager – Dairy Products to work onsite and partner with an innovative, international Quick Service Restaurant Corporation.  The Product Manager, formal title ( Dairy Scientist ) will provide technical and project management assistance and /or leadership on menu items containing dairy.  Scope of the position includes designing (formulating and identifying processing parameters) dairy ingredients and products in partnership with the Innovation Team and Suppliers; designing and executing test protocols, evaluating data, quality improvements and equipment/product/field validation. In addition, works with Company resources including interactions with internal product research experts and the design and implementation of product research projects at universities and research laboratories.


The Product Manager ( Dairy Scientist ), will be responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Identifying opportunities in dairy innovation to optimize existing and new products.
  • Accessing emerging dairy technologies and dairy industry trends through the Company network and exploring how to apply them to the menu strategy.
  • Serving as a dairy subject matter expert.
  • Offering support as needed across Product Development Activities (Focus Groups, product showings).
  • Assisting Technical Teams in formulation and scale-up of new Menu Items containing dairy.
  • Supporting the technical development of safe, consistent dairy products/improvements that fulfill concept requirements, nutrition guidelines, are operationally feasible and meet food cost targets.
  • Assisting the project teams with commercialization (e.g., packaging integrity, secondary supplier approval, product integrity, increased capacity) of Menu Items containing dairy.
  • Designing testing protocols for validation of new dairy products and new equipment. This could include travel to supplier locations.
  • Designing lab and pilot plant experiments that examine the operational and formulation variables that impact key dairy product attributes.
  • Developing Dairy Product Specifications and identifying key attribute ranges within process capability for new and/or improved dairy products and concepts, in partnership with the Project Technical Leads (Product Development & Quality Assurance).
  • Conducting and/or coordinating yield studies, sensory evaluation, product showings, etc. for dairy products.
  • Providing recommendations on ingredient functionality to optimize new product performance.
  • Maintaining technical documentation on all activities.
  • Actively participating in project cross-functional team meetings and Food Innovation Team meetings.
  • Utilizing Resources including affiliated University Dairy Research Centers to assist in guidance and development of projects as needed.
  • Travelling to support field testing of new product/optimized products through store visits and shops.


  • Bachelor’s Degree: Dairy Science, Food Science, or related field.
  • Minimum 2 years of Dairy Product Experience: Dairy formulation, Quality Assurance, processing, and/ or manufacturing experience of dairy products.
  • Culinary or Restaurant product development experience or experience manufacturing for restaurant customers preferred.
  • Experience with scaling and bringing formulations from concept to consumer.
  • Demonstrated technical abilities in dairy science, formulation, QA, commercialization/plant experience.
  • Experience with Cheese top priority. Experience with dairy beverage applications a plus.
  • Strong Project and Time Management Skills.
  • Good Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Strong Communication Skills –Verbal, Written, Presenting to Groups.
  • Results-Oriented (focuses on action with clear goals to achieve quick and effective results), Self-Starter who can acclimate quickly to new environments.
  • Experience and skill at leading and influencing teams.