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A Nutraceutical client in the Los Angeles / Orange County bordering area is looking to identify and hire a Quality Control Manager.  The Quality Control ( QC ) Manager will be responsible for the whole oversight of the Quality Control department. They are to appropriate, delegate, and review Quality Control operations and related tasks to ensure company’s full Quality Control support as well as provide technical and operational guidance and training to subordinate staff and other departments within the organization. They will need to strategically ensure to successful performance of the Quality Control group in properly evaluating and testing raw materials, in-process materials, finished products, and any other testing needs, as well as ensuring technical review, cGMP compliance as relating to laboratory operations, and customer technical support. The individual will need to review the system and the output of the Quality Control group for compliance to company policies and the quality requirements required in the dietary supplement industry.

The Quality Control Manager will be responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Per compliance to cGMP, Company SOPs, and training thoroughly reviews and verifies Quality Control systems and operations within the department as well as in support of the organization.
  • Overseeing and technically reviewing Company sanitation program and systems.
  • Representing Company Quality Control operations as needed in customer and regulatory audits, meetings, qualifications, and/or any other such required instances.
  • Overseeing that all proper SOP’s testing methods, documentation, training, qualifications and programs, investigations, compliance, and system optimization as relating to the Quality Control group are in place and are appropriately maintained.
  • Verifying systems are in place, effective and adhered by the Quality Control department as relating to raw materials, in-process materials, finished products, test requirement, and any other testing, qualification and technical needs for successful quality control support of Company operations.
  • Overseeing that proper testing and methodologies are executed respective of Company quality systems.
  • As necessary, thoroughly reviewing completed and/or prepared Quality Control documentation and dispositions or endorsing appropriately upon verification of documentation as accurate, true and complete.
  • Overseeing that proper testing of raw materials and finished products are being carried out and completed in a timely manner, adhering to all set schedules, confirmed by Quality Control Staff and committed by self, and/or based on reasonable demand of Company operational support.
  • Authoring and/or reviewing Quality Control related SOPS, while ensuring proper adherence to by subordinate Quality Control Staff.
  • Developing, transferring, authoring, overseeing and/or reviewing Quality Control Test Methods, while ensuring proper execution of approved methods by Quality Control staff.
  • Maintaining a strong conceptual understanding of the processes, procedures, and scientific concepts practiced in the Quality Control laboratory. Provides Quality Control staff with respective guidance and support.
  • Instructing/training on the usage of tools such as scalpels, glassware, dishes, weighing dishes, pipettes, burets, volumetric flasks, ovens, furnaces, stirrers/heat-plates, baths, balances, titrators, chemically resistant containers, graduated cylinders, beakers, spectrophotometer cuvettes and permanent markers.
  • Training/instructing on the usage of reagents (substance or compounds) such as water, acids and bases of varying concentrations, buffers and solvents ranging from weak to strong that are added to a system in order to bring about a chemical reaction or to see if a reaction, interaction or separation occurs.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s degree (M. A.) or equivalent preferred; with a minimum of seven years related experience and/or training, of which a year to two of managerial experience a plus, or equivalent education, experience, background and assessed aptitude and capacity.
  • Degree in the sciences as relating to Microbiology and/or Chemistry preferred.
  • Must exemplify adherence to all safety, cGMP and Company Standard Operating Procedures, particularly those of the 6 series, while keeping accountability of other QC staff to the same.
  • Quality Control Manager must have the ability to be flexible, handle and support multiple projects simultaneously and adjust personal style to adapt to increase business pressures and work well under pressure while performing all tasks accurate, complete and appropriate manner.
  • Quality Control Manager must have the ability to communicate effectively inter- and intra- departmentally matters as pertaining to Quality Control.

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